Major VassalsEdit

Three Heroes of TokugawaEdit

The Three Heroes of Tokugawa (徳川三人衆 or 徳川三傑) were three generals historically recognized as the "big three" retainers of the Tokugawa clan. The first lists the generals during Ieyasu's Sekigahara Campaign.

  1. Honda Tadakatsu
  2. Sakakibara Yasumasa
  3. Ii Naomasa

The second list includes three great vassals who served Iemitsu during the Kan'ei period.

  1. Doi Toshikatsu
  2. Aoyama Tadatoshi
  3. Sakai Tadayo

Four Guardian Kings of TokugawaEdit

The Four Guardian Kings of Tokugawa (徳川四天王) were four mighty generals who were believed to have greatly contributed to Ieyasu's campaigns. Their namesake, as with most other four guardian kings titles, was the Buddhist Four Heavenly Kings. It's not known whether this title was fictional, but it has been romanticized in paintings and novels during the Edo period.

  1. Ii Naomasa
  2. Honda Tadakatsu
  3. Sakakibara Yasumasa
  4. Sakai Tadatsugu

Seven Spearmen of UedaEdit

The Seven Spearmen of Ueda (上田七本槍) were seven generals who performed admirably during the second struggle at Ueda Castle. They bravely guarded Hidetada with their lives and ensured that they survived Sanada Masayuki's tactics. Even though they still suffered defeat, these men were praised for their courage. It is more likely that these men actually used arrows and other artillery rather than spears during the battle.

  1. Terumori Nagayama
  2. Ono Tadaaki
  3. Tsuji Hisayoshi
  4. Shizume Koreaki
  5. Toda Mitsumasa
  6. Saito Nobuyoshi
  7. Asakura Nobumasa

Sixteen Heavenly Generals of TokugawaEdit

The Sixteen Heavenly Generals of Tokugawa (徳川十六神将) is a title that was invented during the Edo period. Like the Four Heavenly Kings, this title was made based on the Buddhist Twelve Heavenly Generals. The reasons why these generals were chosen are unclear but it was presumably made for those who practice their faith at Tōshō-gū.

  1. Ii Naomasa
  2. Honda Tadakatsu
  3. Sakakibara Yasumasa
  4. Sakai Tadatsugu
  5. Matsudaira Matsutada (and Matsudaira Ietada)
  6. Hiraiwa Chikayoshi
  7. Torii Mototada
  8. Torii Tadahiro
  9. Ōkubo Tadayo
  10. Ōkubo Tadasuke
  11. Naitō Masanari
  12. Hattori Masanari
  13. Takagi Kiyohide
  14. Yonegizu Tsuneharu
  15. Watanabe Moritsuna
  16. Hachiya Tadatsugu

Twenty-Eight Heavenly Generals of TokugawaEdit

The Twenty-Eight Heavenly Generals of Tokugawa (徳川二十八神将) is another title that was fabricated during the Edo period. It is believed that this rank was made as a counterpart to the Twenty-Four Generals of Takeda. At the Nikkō Tōshō-gū, these men are commended to have greatly helped Ieyasu.

  1. Andō Naotsugu
  2. Ii Naomasa
  3. Honda Tadatoshi
  4. Ina Tadamasa
  5. Okabe Nakamori
  6. Ōkubo Tadasuke
  7. Ōkubo Tadataka
  8. Ōkubo Tadayo
  9. Ōsuka Yasutaka
  10. Okudaira Nobumasa
  11. Sakai Tadatsugu
  12. Sakai Masachika
  13. Sakakibara Yasumasa
  14. Sugamema Sadamitsu
  15. Takagi Kiyohide
  16. Torii Mototada
  17. Naitō Ienaga
  18. Naitō Nobunari
  19. Hachiya Sadatsugu
  20. Hattori Masanari
  21. Hiraiwa Chikayoshi
  22. Honda Tadakatsu
  23. Honda Yasutaka
  24. Matsudaira Koretada
  25. Matsudaira Yasutada
  26. Mizuno Katsushige
  27. Yonegizu Tsuneharu
  28. Watanabe Moritsuna

Other vassalsEdit

  • Honda Masanobu
  • Honda Tadatomo
  • Honda Masazumi
  • Honda Shigetsugu
  • Naitō Yarita
  • Naitō Masanari
  • Amano Yasukage
  • Hisamatsu Sadakatsu
  • Suzuki Shōsan
  • Ii Naotaka
  • Ishikawa Kazumasa
  • Ina Tadatsugu
  • Inagaki Nagashige
  • Kuroda Nagamasa
  • Hosokawa Tadaoki
  • Sanada Nobuyuki
  • Ogasawara Hidemasa
  • Naruze Masakazu
  • Naruze Masayoshi
  • Naruze Masanari
  • Natsume Yoshinobu
  • Matsudaira Tadanao
  • Matsudaira Tadamitsu
  • Ōkubo Tadachika
  • Makino Yasushige
  • Hiraiwa Chikayoshi
  • Kōriki Kiyonaga
  • Yagyū Munenori
  • Sugamema Sadamitsu
  • Okabe Tadatsuna
  • Aoyama Tadanari
  • Itakura Katsushige
  • Ōsuga Yasutaka
  • Hoshina Masamitsu
  • Mizuno Tadashige

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